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How Does Blacktop Sealcoating Help?

blacktop sealing2

Prevents damage and improves resilience.

Regular wear-and-tear, exposure to the elements, and exposure to chemical spills (oil and gas) contribute to the degradation of your asphalt. Regularly applying sealcoats can reduce the damage caused to your parking lots from both foot and automobile traffic.

Sealcoats seal small cracks before they can grow. Untreated cracks allow water to penetrate the base of your pavement, creating additional cracks and damage that force you to replace the lot, rather to repair it. Sealcoats prevent water damage caused by rain, snow, frost, freezing, and thawing.

Enhances Appearance.

Newly coated blacktop improves the aesthetic of any parking lot, providing a smooth, black, even surface ideal for painting lines or sweeping. Sealcoating also makes it easier to remove snow in winter, as well as reduce yearly maintenance costs.

By utilizing machinery designed specifically for sealer application (non spray), we feel we are uniquely qualified to give our clients a professional and cost efficient way of maintaining their parking area investment.

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