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All About Crack Repair

Asphalt cracks in your parking lot are not just unattractive. They are also a major problem. Cracks threaten the overall strength of your parking lot, leading to structural issues and expense over the long term. They allow water to penetrate your pavement and seep into the underlying base layers. This creates gaps and spaces that can become potholes and destroy your asphalt’s foundation. The good news? You can prevent this minor issue from becoming a major one. Asphalt crack repair can be a performed to improve the appearance of your pavement, smooth away lines, and fill in cracks. This wonderful anti-aging miracle helps those cracks and lines disappear, freezing age in its place. Read on to find out more about crack repair!

Why Do Cracks Form?

There are many different situations that can cause cracks to form. For many, cracks can be caused by having a poor foundation, not having a thick enough layer of asphalt or having a layer that is too thick. It can also happen when the asphalt is not blended properly before installation. Aside from general human error, asphalt can crack due to the environment. Extremely heavy vehicles, earth movement, roots from trees, weeds, and the annual freeze-thaw cycle can all wreak havoc on your asphalt. If you notice any cracks, it is extremely important to repair them and continue with asphalt maintenance every year. Cracks that are left alone are easy entrances for water. When water reaches your asphalt’s foundation, it will begin to erode the surface. This results in potholes and depressions, which leads to extensive damage and costly repairs.

What is Crack Sealing?

Crack sealer is a hot, sticky material made of rubber and asphalt. It isn’t used to resurface, but it is perfect for filling cracks. A long-lasting resilient seal will form that is flexible and expandable, preventing the invasion of surface water. Crack sealing extends the life of your pavement and reduces the chances of large potholes, deterioration, and other pavement failures. Hot asphalt crack sealer is also useful because it can better prepare a paved surface for further maintenance such as seal coating.

When Should You Repair?

Have you started to notice cracks in your asphalt blacktop? Well, you’re not alone. Especially after a period of icy or snowy weather, asphalt deterioration can cause your pavement to crack, crumble and decay over time. This is even truer if your asphalt is not properly seal coated. The key to maintaining your asphalt is to fill in cracks once you see them. Putting off maintenance and repair only leads to more damage and a larger expense in the long term.

Preparing for Crack Filling Asphalt

It is important to properly prep before attempting any crack repair service. For a long-lasting repair, the crack needs a clean and solid area to stick to. Any debris and weeds left in the crack will degrade your repair job.

  • Remove Any Debris: This includes weeds or grass growing in your asphalt cracks. Pull them our all the way down to the roots. If you can’t get the roots out, a bit of vinegar will kill them. Then scrape our any loose rocks, debris, or leftover vegetation. You can also use a leaf blower to get our excess dust.
  • Dry The Surface: Any good crack repair job depends on having a dry, solid area. Always check the weather before starting and don’t use a pressure washer to clean the surface before filling in your cracks.

Crack Size

When you’re cleaning cracks, take note of how wide and deep the cracks are. This helps divide the cracks into two groups: shallow cracks and large ruptures. Different crack sizes need to be repaired in different ways.

  • Shallow Cracks: These are a half inch deep or less. You don’t need a ruler to measure these cracks. If you check your asphalt frequently and you notice some cracking, it is likely to be shallow
  • Deep Cracks: These cracks are over a half inch deep and need to be filled with sand until it reaches a half inch in depth.
    • If your frack is more than two inches deep, top it with coarse gravel and tap down firmly.

Do you see cracks in your asphalt? Call the professionals! Supreme Sealing, Inc. offers complete blacktop maintenance. Sealing your blacktop protects it and keeps it looking like new! Contact us today at (716) 681-5262 for your free, no obligation estimate!