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Cold Patch vs Hot Asphalt Repair

Stop Putting Off Those Summer Repairs

Fall is almost here which means it is time to start picking apples and searching for pumpkin spiced everything. As we begin to transition through the seasons, remember that it’s never too early to start looking down the road at what’s ahead: winter.

Take advantage of the warm weather now to address those summer repair jobs you’ve been putting off before it’s too late. Colder climates can create havoc for your asphalt if it is not properly maintained. This season’s small divot can become next spring’s crater!

Cold Patch vs Hot Asphalt Repair

There are 2 main types of repairs when it comes to your blacktop: Cold Patch and Hot Mix.

Cold Patch

Cold patch is a ready to use asphalt product that can be an easy and cost efficient way to fix small, damaged areas in the short term. Like its name suggests, cold patch can usually be used right out of the bag. Most patches can be done in a matter of minutes. Property owners can simply pour the pre-mixed asphalt into the hole or crack and tamper the material down forming a smooth surface. Unfortunately, cold patch repairs in the majority of cases are just temporary fixes, they do not properly fill and seal the pothole, which doesn’t fix the underlying issue that caused your blacktop to deteriorate.

Hot Mix 

Hot mix asphalt is a more permanent, long term and cost effective solution. In this type of repair, the area around the hole is dug up, filled, and then sealed with hot asphalt. While the upfront cost is more given the scope of work completed, it is far outweighed by its longevity, reducing your risk of further issues down the road.

Safety First

Safety should always be your top priority. Cold patch should be used for what it is: a quick, temporary fix. When it comes to addressing tripping or safety hazards around your property, something is better than nothing. However, a cold patch should mainly be used to hold you over until a professional hot mix asphalt repair can be completed.

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