What is Sand Slurry Sealcoating?

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Sand Slurry Sealcoating

Sealing your asphalt is always recommended to increase its longevity and keep moisture at bay. Unfortunately, regular sealcoating can potentially get slippery in wet conditions. While slicker asphalt may not be a big deal for vehicles, it could cause issues for pedestrians. That’s why more and more property owners with higher pedestrian traffic are turning to Sand Slurry for their sealcoating needs.

What is Sand Slurry Sealcoating?

Sand Slurry combines the bonding and water-repellent properties of traditional sealcoating and adds a non-slip texture once the product cures. The non-slip texture is achieved by blending silica sand into the mix creating a slightly rougher surface. A rougher surface to the asphalt provides added traction.

Sand Slurry does have its drawbacks. Sand Slurry tends to have a darker, less glossy appearance to traditional sealcoating which may not be preferred. The main drawback however is that initially the upfront costs of sand slurry are higher than traditional sealcoating. Despite the fact that the upfront cost of sand slurry may be higher, the cost per year of service is actually much lower than regular sealcoating. A well maintained professional sand slurry sealcoating can last 5 to 7 years without requiring additional applications or costly repairs.

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