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Protect Your Asphalt From Sun Damage


This summer, you’ll need to protect more than just your skin from sun damage.

The surface of the sun is 10,000°F. Thankfully, by the time the heat from the sun reaches the earth, it has cooled significantly. However, much like your skin, even after traveling millions of miles, the heat from the sun is still hot enough to damage your asphalt. Sealant is akin to sunscreen for asphalt and can protect your asphalt from serious damage.

How The Sun Impacts Asphalt

When it is 90°F, your asphalt reach temperatures well above 100°F. On the hottest days, your asphalt can be as high as 172°F. While asphalt is durable when it comes to heat, it can still be burned. When  asphalt is applied, the sun’s rays instantly begin to damage it. The sun’s ultraviolet rays fuse with oxygen, breaking down the chemical bonds that strengthen asphalt. Given enough time, it will deteriorate asphalt that is not properly sealed. The damage includes breaking down the surface, decay, cracks, warping and deformities. These cause your asphalt to become brittle, making it prone to other types of damage as well. Sealing pavement helps to slow the deterioration process while protecting your pavements integrity and appearance.

Common Signs Of Sun Damage On Asphalt Include:

Breaking down of surfaces

Decaying asphalt

Cracking asphalt

Warping asphalt

Melting tar leading to disfigurement

When It Comes To Asphalt, Don’t Get Burned.

Don’t let the elements get to your asphalt. Supreme Sealing has the solution to all of your asphalt needs. Sealers act as a barrier to prevent chemicals and the elements from staining and eating away at the material. Supreme Sealing, Inc. has been serving the Western New York community for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service and a professional, cost effective way to seal your blacktop and maintain your parking area investment.