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How Cold Weather Affects Asphalt

We all know that asphalt is an extremely durable surface, but the cold weather can damage your investment. Your outdoor pavement needs a quality sealer before the winter sets in, which will minimize the amount of moisture that seeps into the asphalt’s pores. It’s an added layer of protection that effectively prevents damage from freeze-thaw cycles. As asphalt expands and contracts with changing weather and temperatures, cracks may appear in your pavement.The cracks weaken the asphalt significantly and reduces the life expectancy of the surface. This makes cold weather asphalt repair invaluable to maintaining the integrity of the surface. As water freezes, it expands, which cause damage to asphalt pavement in the form of expanding cracks and crumbling. Moreover, a compromised asphalt surface can break apart causing potholes to form. The more water that gets into your asphalt and freezes, the worse off your asphalt will be.

First you will get fine hairline cracks; these are usually not seen with the naked eye, but are prevalent in pavement. Then, as the asphalt continues to crumble, the hairline cracks spread and deepen. As water or ice gets into the cracks, asphalt will erode further. If you do not fix the asphalt at this point, these cracks will become larger cracks, potholes or ruts — which are dangerous and not aesthetically pleasing. It’s much cheaper to deal with these cracks immediately after they form than it is to neglect cracks and pay for the damage later.

Blacktop maintenance goes beyond sealcoating. A combination of hot asphalt crack filling and sealcoating is usually most effective in maintaining the longevity of your pavement and parking lot. Hot asphalt crack filling is the most effective approach when repairing cracks in your blacktop. It does well in temperature extremes and will far outlast other varieties of crack sealer. will prevent water from seeping through the pavement because it is flexible and expandable. Because of this,Hot asphalt crack filling can extend the life of your asphalt from three to five years. When water is kept out of the pavement, asphalt deterioration slows down considerably.

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